Coaching options

I provide a range of tailored coaching options to suit all ability levels.

Coaching options

LTA DCA Level 3 Coach

My name is Elliot Veale. I have been teaching tennis since the age of 19, and have coached performance players who are playing national standard tournaments and competing in America to players who are just taking their first steps on the tennis court.

Elliot's Background

Why get tennis coaching?

From health to coordination to fun with friends, there are a multitude of benefits to getting your tennis game up to scratch.

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Our aim:

We want a coaching programme that will provide high quality coaching for all ages and standards where players can learn, improve, and compete. We want you to have more fun playing tennis!
We aspire to create a positive atmosphere in all respects and we want players and parents to feel relaxed and welcome in a friendly environment, which is both professional by providing quality coaching and good value for money.
The coaching we provide is positive, personable, and educational where both juniors and adults can learn in a friendly, sociable and fun environment.


Elliot has been my tennis coach for some eight years. We play once or twice a week throughout the year. I have been coached by many top-class coaches over the years. Elliot is in their ranks. He takes a real interest in improving your game at whatever pace and whatever way you wish. He is tirelessly committed to the task and always thinking of fresh ways to make a difference. This makes every session a real pleasure. He is patient and diligent, never stints on time. He is also a charming and genuine individual.

I have watched him coaching others – from the very young to the highly ambitious to the elderly as well. He is the same with all of them. He would bring great commitment to Kingsbridge and I am sure would enhance the club in all the ways you might wish. You could trust him absolutely to do his all for you – and it would be very good. I would certainly join if he were attached to you!

Jonathan Dimbleby

I have been having tennis coaching from Elliot Veale for four or five years and regard our tennis encounters as one of the highlights of my week.

Having played tennis for more years than I care to remember (and worked with more tennis coaches than I care to admit to) I have to say that Elliot Veale is an outstanding coach. A very fine player, he has sound mastery of the technical aspect of the game and effortlessly applies his skills to improve players of all ages and levels. Indeed, I have seen him coaching groups of children who soon not only hang on his every word, but clearly enjoy the tennis enormously.

I believe Elliot would be an asset to any tennis club and unreservedly recommend him.

Jeremy Stafford-Deitsch

Our family have been coached by Elliot for many years. Our Son Florian started in Summer Camps and then onto individual lessons and groups with Elliot and on his regular recent trip to La Manga in Spain, my son Florian decided that he did not wish to continue with the coaching at La Manga. When I asked him why, he said, “It wasn’t as good as Elliot’s coaching”. I have requested that Elliot now takes charge of my son this coming summer.

Martin Garland – Expressions Holidays

Martin Garland